What does Moister than an Oyster mean?

What does Moister than an Oyster mean?


What does Moister than an Oyster mean?

Wetter than an oyster is a fun, poetic wordplay commonly used to refer to a girl’s genitals becoming wet from arousal.

Mistaking oysters for the vagina, a very attractive sea creature makes the phrase more vulgar and comical than sexual and is supposed to be used when speaking to a couple about a sexual topic. Kinda kills motivation.

Plus it’s a fun way to make someone uncomfortable.

The impression was quickly incorporated into images to create silly web memes. The images used will usually be unpleasant or hug the previous person, only to add to the tasteless phrase.

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Origin of the term

Oysters have traditionally been the opposite of female genitalia, with their moist, smooth texture, and someday their shape.

They’re also believed to act as pure aphrodisiacs, so considering the historical sexual connotations oysters have, it’s not out of the question that such a slur would come up.

The phrase was published in February 2014 and had a major peak in popularity around 2016.

Unfold the term

According to Google Trends, Australia is a big fan of the expression, it seems that Australians as a whole are the main consumers of oysters, and the majority of Australians are inclined towards seafood after living by the sea.

Next comes the US, then the Canadians as a strong third.

As a result of the general appeal of the phrase, it has been printed on heaps of merchandise, and maintaining a cool t-shirt with the expression printed on it is straightforward.

The colloquialism has effectively reached the music business, influencing the semi-professional track “Moister Than An Oyster” launched in 2017 by Justin Abiseror.

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