Instructions to Find Out What Shopify Theme a Website is Using

Instructions to Find Out What Shopify Theme a Website is Using

Finding the right Shopify theme for your store can be stressful. There are so many themes available that sometimes the best place to start is by pulling inspiration from your favorite online stores.

Whether you’re casually browsing or actively shopping for ideas, chances are you’ll find a store (or several) with a design you’d love to emulate—if only you could find out what Shopify theme it’s using.

At this point, your train of thought might go something like: “Hey, what Shopify theme is this? Can I download it for mystore? Hmm, are those elements custom? How can I find out?

Lucky for you, there are a few quick and easy ways to figure out which Shopify theme a store is using.

Whether you want to know how to manually search for a theme ID or use a Shopify theme detector, this guide will show you how to find out what Shopify theme your favorite stores are using.

What’s a Shopify theme?

​​Shopify themes are design templates that can be applied to your online store.

Your theme impacts everything from how your pages look to how customers navigate your store, including the site menu, layouts, images, text, interactive elements, and checkout experiences.

In other words, your Shopify theme plays a crucial role in defining the look and feel of your store.

Whether you use a pre-built Shopify theme or a fully customized design, your theme should reflect your brand and create the type of shopping experience you want for your customers.

How can I choose a Shopify theme for my store?

If you’re having trouble choosing the right Shopify theme for your business, you’re certainly not alone.

As a new store owner, you might be feeling pressured to find the perfect theme from the get-go. Or if your store is growing quickly, you might be eager to switch to a theme that can better support your business.

But choosing a Shopify theme isn’t a lifelong commitment.

You can try out a theme and then switch if it doesn’t match your branding. You can even preview multiple themes before downloading one from the Shopify Theme Store.

More importantly, you can always augment your Shopify theme with custom elements and features that make your store feel just the way you want.

Where can I find Shopify themes?

As a Shopify merchant, you can download themes from the Shopify Theme Store or a third-party marketplace (like Themeforest, 99 Shopify, and TemplateMonster).

You can choose to use a free Shopify theme or purchase a paid theme.

Another option is to develop your own theme from scratch—or to build a custom theme with a smart, no-code tool like Shogun Page Builder.

What are the differences between free and paid Shopify themes?

When it comes to comparing free vs. paid Shopify themes, there are some key differences to keep in mind.

Free Shopify themes

The good news for anyone building a store on a budget is that there are quite a few free themes available.

These are a great option for new stores that haven’t fine-tuned their branding yet and new business owners who are just getting familiar with Shopify.

However, restricting yourself to free themes means you won’t have many options to choose from. Plus, free themes might not offer the same features or functionality you’d get from a paid theme.

That said, there are plenty of excellent free themes available for your Shopify store.

shopify theme store free shopify themes examples
Image: Shopify Theme Store

Paid Shopify themes

Paid themes can either refer to prebuilt templates (like the premium themes available on the Shopify Theme Store) or a custom theme built specifically for your store.

Many paid themes are created and supported by third-party developers.

On the Shopify Theme Store, you’ll find a range of premium themes that you can download for $100-$280 USD. These themes typically Spectrum offers more functionality and features than free themes and you can preview multiple premium themes before committing to a purchase.

shopify theme store paid shopify themes examples
Image: Shopify Theme Store

What are the limitations of prebuilt Shopify themes?

Even the best prebuilt Shopify themes have their drawbacks.

Here are some considerations to keep in mind if you’re planning to use a pre-built Shopify theme:

  • A prebuilt Shopify theme might not reflect your brand. The look and feel of your online store should embody your brand, but many prebuilt themes are designed to fit as many different stores as possible. Prebuilt Shopify themes often require customization to make them worthy of your store.
  • Prebuilt themes make it harder to stand out from competitors. When you’re using a popular Shopify theme, you run the risk of a generic-looking store. This is especially problematic if your competitors are using the same templates without any customization.
  • Prebuilt themes limit your creativity. It can be tricky to find a prebuilt theme that brings your vision for your store to life. If you want to do something really cool with your store, it often requires a custom-built theme or a tool that allows you to build customizations on top of your theme.

To get the best results and maximize conversions, you can customize your Shopify theme to support your ideal aesthetic and customer experience.

Shogun Page Builder makes it easy to elevate your Shopify theme with custom elements, templates, and designs.

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